Cultivating the Private Life

The other day I was recalling internet abbreviations from years past when I used to chat with friends on AOL instant messenger.

Things like “ttyl” “gtg” “brb”

But then I realized that these acronyms probably get used very little anymore. With WiFi, 4G, and communication apps on devices of all sizes, communication doesn’t need to stop. There isn’t much of a need to say “be right back” through modern communication mediums when you have the opportunity to stay connected constantly.


At LIQUID on Tuesday our topic was “private life” and many table discussions naturally gravitated toward social media. While most at my table agreed that social media is an excellent tool to stay connected and up-to-date, we also agreed that our moments that should be private sometimes end up getting publicized. And it can take some will-power to resist sharing one of those moments.

To view this from a different angle…I was once listening to a talk on worship songwriting that said “some songs are meant for the church, some for your small group, and others just for you and God.” I used to chuckle to myself when I would hear something like this because to me it meant “some songs are good, and others are so bad that no one should ever have to endure them.” And then it struck me that…

There can be epic, awesome, life-changing moments that are exclusively meant to stay between you and the Father.

Our temptation can be to share the moment, and often for very valid and positive reasons. It’s easy, free, makes us feel good, and gives us a chance to invite others into special moments in our life. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, but we can be sure that God treasures the special moments that you keep between you and him.

Cultivate that private life with the Father. It’s healthy. It will cause you to become more like Christ. And those treasured moments in your heart will cause you to shine with beautiful authenticity.


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