A Fresh Word from the Lord

When is the last time you heard from God? God is continually speaking to us, by way of the Holy Spirit, through many different means—the scriptures, other people, circumstances, and gentle whispers in the soul. And He has something new to say to you.


God does not live in the past. He exists outside of time and can speak into your life in a relevant and transformative way. His words recorded in the scriptures are not the last we’ve heard from Him. (yet, even those words written so long ago are still alive, active, and pertinent to our modern lives [Heb 4:12])

It’s unfortunate that our always-on lifestyles have a way of drowning out that Still Small Voice. We forget to stay in close contact, and we forget how to listen for Him. Sometimes it takes something drastic for us to realize how much we’ve lost touch. A life-changing decision or a problem to work through finds us confused and unable to discern what God is saying. We begin frantically searching for Him, as if through a dense forest where we realize we’ve been separated from our Guide.

But one of those active scripture passages tells us that He never leaves us [Deut 31:6]. We are not separated from Him, but merely out of sync with His heartbeat. And all we need to do to resync is close our eyes and meet with Him again. Not prayers of groveling apology, or excuses of where we’ve been, or face-to-the-ground repentance for not talking to Him. He just wants to hear our heart. When we don’t speak to Him for a while, our Father misses us.

God is always ready and waiting to spend time with you. He isn’t silently judging you from afar as you live your life — Christ has rendered you blameless in His sight. He simply loves you, and is eagerly waiting for you.



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