Overwhelming Peace

I’m in the middle of this snowstorm that’s sweeping the East Coast. I had vacation plans with my wife, but thankfully we decided to switch to plan B instead of traveling through the inclement weather.


Snowstorms have this unique ability to cover our bustling lives with a big white sheet of silence. Schools and businesses close. Stores are empty. And people huddle in their homes with loved ones, waiting for life to come back online.

Sometimes we call hardships in our life “storms.” They are unexpected, hard to predict, and they often force us to improvise our plans. And these storms usually come with some pain and suffering.

The God that rules and commands these storms, both of nature and of life, has the ability to send overwhelming peace into your heart (Phil 4:7). No matter what circumstances you’re facing, he can blanket them in a serenity that undeniably overrides even the worst that life has to offer. It’s not a pain killer, it’s not ignorance of reality, nor is it a sweet escape—it is truly a quiet reassurance that can cover your entire life with a sense of security.

If you need overwhelming peace in your life, ask our Father (John 14:14). Seek Him out in prayer. Be vulnerable with Him. The closer you get to Him, you’ll begin to see that even the toughest situations must fall in submission to the word and will of our great God. He is sovereign over ALL.


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