Presence in the Present

Friday I walked into Starbucks to have coffee with my friend Seth Nenstiel, and this picture was on his laptop.


© 2016 Seth Nenstiel —

Seth is a seasoned artist who has added food photography to his services, so it didn’t surprise me at first. But as I looked closer, I discovered that he’d been inspired to write a blog post that was about the exact thing that God has been teaching me in my life (you can read his article here). He kindly offered the photo for my post as well.

As my wife and I enter the final eight weeks of her pregnancy, we find ourselves feeling that we’re waiting. Waiting for our son, but also on the Lord as the next chapter of our life is beginning to unfold. And I am reminded that God is all-knowing and outside of time, and that as I speculate and wonder about my son and the circumstances surrounding his birth and our new life, God’s already there.

But while I’m comforted to trust in the Father is in complete control, I still worry about the future. I still have concern for what could potentially go wrong.

And this is when God ministered to my spirit through a personal whisper, then a sermon, then a conversation. And through a coincidence with an old friend who I haven’t spoken to in quite some time.

A simple prayer.

“Lord, provide me one day’s measure of your grace and mercy.”


I am constantly faced with the challenge of knowing what it means to wait on the Lord and when I simply need to stand up and make it happen, using the brain, energy, and strength he’s already given me. And whenever I’ve deliberated in prayer with God about this, the answer generally comes back: “Well, what is the measure of your faith?”

Modern times may reward those who plan ahead and hedge those plans, but that doesn’t mean those self-made plans are worthy of our faith.

What unknown path lies ahead for you? It’s important to remember that tomorrow does in fact have enough worries of it’s own. God does not promise tomorrow, he does not promise next year. But he is our provider, and will see us through.

Christ in you can take on anything, for your strength will rise as you wait upon the Lord.



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