It’s the Little Things


Do you ever feel that God can’t do a whole lot with you? That what you have to offer Him is insignificant? Maybe it seems like there is always someone better than you, more qualified than you, or more spiritual than you. You have a servant’s heart, but it feels as if you don’t have anything to give.

The truth is, we often try to throw so much at God…gifts, talents, time, money. As if we want Him to applaud. Like “Wow, I am so glad I gave you that, and that you had the thought to give it back to me. Thank you and you’re welcome.” God can certainly use those gifts. But He asks for so much more than that.


God isn’t looking for people to impress Him. Jesus didn’t pat the religious people of His day on the back for all the good works they were attempting to do. He instead looked into their hearts, and He didn’t find purity or goodness—rather He saw wickedness and deceit.

On the other hand, Jesus was moved by the widow who deposited two pennies into the offering plate. What she gave was an immeasurably small drop-in-the-bucket when it came to finances. But she gave from a heart that knew two coins were better invested in God’s kingdom than even her own dinner.

In a marriage, sometimes the smallest gift or gesture communicates more love than extravagance. My wife is extremely good at this. I am amazed at how effectively she can tell me she loves me through the smallest act or gift. God is no different. He can so clearly see your heart. He can see behind what you give Him.

One example would be in a church setting, being intimidated by others around who are worshiping expressively and passionately, and mistakenly believe that they are singing higher praise than us. But a barely audible voice mumbling out of key is highly prized by God if it comes from a truly contrite and pure heart.

But maybe it’s even more simple than that. Maybe it’s having coffee with someone who needs to talk. Or maybe just holding the door for someone when you’re in a hurry. God doesn’t need something from you that other people consider substantial. He’s just asking for your willing heart.



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